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What people say about White Opal Coaching

“Kate is a very intuitive coach whose enthusiasm and encouragement really provides a safe environment to seek clarity and understanding about what you really want to achieve. I felt instantly at ease when working with Kate. She helped me to focus on what I wanted to achieve and what I needed to do next to make it happen. Her vibrant and energetic approach is really refreshing and brings a positive energy that enables you to really take charge and discover your full potential.”  N.A.

"When it comes to people, Kate is a natural! She has a strong passion for seeing others achieve their potential, and this made me really believe in myself. Kate brought out the best in me and I am so grateful for the time I got to spend with her. Through her coaching and support, I am more confident in my capabilities and have more clarity around my goals and motivators. Kate’s balanced viewpoint between logic and emotion really means that she helps with the perspective in which you see things and her coaching exercises enable you to think laterally in terms of how to approach life. I think she is amazing, and would really recommend her as a coach to anyone."  W.O.



"I had been getting nowhere with my job hunt for more than 12 months when I first spoke to Kate. In just a few a sessions she has helped me to feel so much more confident and optimistic about my future and I am now in a successful freelance career.  Kate's coaching sessions are challenging, thought provoking, sometimes emotional but always engaging and fun."   J.F.


"White Opal Coaching has been invaluable to me having lost my drive and direction, after a period out of paid work to raise a family.  Kate immediately put me at ease on our first Skype session and has taught me to look at things from a totally different perspective, to give me focus, to find out what’s important to me and to put some fun back in to my wonderful life.  It was all there anyway, Kate just has the tools, patience and expertise to bring the answers out of you to find your life purpose. This is not a quick fix but is definitely worth every penny if you’re willing to put in the effort.  I can whole-heartedly recommend Kate and White Opal Coaching if you’re not feeling fulfilled in any area of your life, not just your next career move."   C.S.

"I want to say a big thank you to Kate! I didn't  know what to expect when I first decided to see her, I just knew I had to do something different, Kate helped me to direct all my thoughts and ideas, generating compartments to allow my strengths to shine through.  She was always focused, giving me guidance and invoking ideas, I realised I had talents in areas I had disregarded!  I would definitely recommend Kate, she is truly exceptional and a joy to meet. Thank you Kate!"  C.G.

"Good news!  My new role is confirmed and I have a start date.  The thinking we did together made me much more choosy about what I do next.  This really feels like a much better fit and I appreciate all the support, especially when I was at a low ebb."  N.H.

"Kate has done an amazing job coaching me through the early stages of my career.  Kate tutored me as I rolled off a graduate scheme into my first permanent role. She helped me understand myself much better in the workplace, getting to the route of how I can climb the corporate ladder. She listened, was understanding, and aided greatly in my development. Kate didn't offer sound advice; she probed me to discover the advice for myself, which is much, much more effective than someone telling you the answers. I would thoroughly recommend Kate for coaching in any points in your career or life."  C.T.


Testimonials have been anonymised to protect client confidentiality

"A very intuitive person who seems to quickly get in tune with what is going on. She is able to ask the right questions to bring a creative feeling around the subject. A place where you can see new insights and new directions. Kate has great presence and relays a sense of confidence. I have no hesitation in recommending Kate as a coach."  T.C.

"Kate was able to listen, interpret and question to help me work on problems. Kate's help enabled me to work out the answers for myself, which is a real strength. Our developmental sessions felt supportive, collaborative and genuinely productive."  N.J. 

"I found her sessions both fun and challenging. Kate is a highly intuitive coach who listens deeply to the REAL stuff layers beneath the words. I loved her positive energy and really felt that she was always beside me, championing me to dig deeper and connect with my truest self. Her innate qualities enabled me to tap in to inner resources, that was always there, Kate's coaching just shone a bright light on to them! Her compassionate approach gave me permission to cultivate compassion for myself which was truly valuable throughout my learning journey. Thank you Kate!"  J.D.



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